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Solar Panel Cleaning 

Solar panels are designed to be self-cleaning in the UK, and as such would be deemed to have little to no maintenance at all. In certain situations, such as having panels in a particularly dry areas (where dust and bird droppings may build up) or when the panel tilt is less than about five degrees, cleaning is recommended to ensure an efficiently generating system.


Why Choose Us?

We are here to remain focused on perfecting the service we deliver to you!

We are experienced in cleaning complex roof mounted solar panels to the large-scale solar farms, and everything in-between. Our consultancy and roof top access solution provides a welcome service to many of our new and existing clients. By working closely with out clients, we have shown our ability to meet target times, problem solving and successfully manage our health and safety, earning ourselves an outstanding reputation.

With our strict no subcontracting policy, we ensure the solar panel cleaning is completed by ourselves. This allows us to maintain consistent, excellent cleaning techniques, along with a high quality, safe and efficient service to all of our clients.

How Often Do They Need Cleaning?

Every solar array is unique and depending upon different environmental factors, the recommended frequently of each clean will vary.

Special attention should be given to panels situated in dustier areas, for example; next to a main road, by the sea and on or near farmland etc. These solar panels will require more frequent cleaning as they will have more dust building up.

When solar panels remain dirty for long periods of time, they suffer from modular shading, in addition to this, permanent module staining may also occur and the larger they array, the bigger the loss of return is for the owner.

Many of clients contact us before their clean is due because they are experiencing a drop in output due to their systems environment, especially following long periods of dry weather.

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