Fascia BOARD Cleaning

These days many houses have had their fascia and soffits replaced with white uPVC roofline systems. 

Over time these can turn green and black as dirt and algae build up from rainwater. Keeping them clean is easy with our reach and wash systems and if done on a regular basis will help prevent discolouring of the uPVC. 

Included in the price are the fascia and soffit boards and the outer plastic of the guttering.

FAQ regarding fascia BOARD cleaning 

What do you use to clean fascia boards?

We use specialist UPVC cleaning agents. Everything we use is

- Non abrasive 

- Non Flammable

- Non Toxic

- 100% environmentally friendly

- Safe to children, pets and wildlife

Can you also clear out the inside of my gutters?

Yes we can, our gutter cleaning service includes the removal of all the debris from inside the gutters- Just select Gutter Clearing with Vaccum on your booking form!

Package discounts available for regular cleans!

We clean your Fascia Boards via the use of telescopic pole and pump action bottles containing non-caustic chemical (viro-sol)