Traditional Window Cleaning

In today's day with modern technology such as water fed poles, there is still a high demand for a traditional window cleaner to clean with no more then a bucket of soapy water, a squeegee and a cloth, a tradition window clean carried out by a competent window cleaner will leave your windows spotless and gleaming, the good old fashioned way.

What are the benefits of Traditional Window Cleaning?

- Not just the outside of the windows: We also provide interior cleans as well as exterior!


- Window frames and sills get cleaned: It is not just about the windows. For a fully complete service, we are able to clean windows sills and frames.

- Perfect finish every time: We don't like to disappoint, you can expect a perfect service from us.

Tools of the Trade

- Bucket of soapy water: This is the making of what to expect from a traditional window cleaner. Applied to the window with a cloth, the soapy solution breaks up the dirt and acts as a lubricant.

- The squeegee: This is no more then just a simple hand held tool that has a smooth rubber blade, but in the hands of a skilled window cleaner, with just a few strokes it can leave windows shining clean.

- Ladders: These are used to reach elevated places.

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